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On Light.

Puget Sound.

I had a conversation with a friend recently about the properties of light in different geographic locations. They talked of Venice, I talked of the South. It led me to dreaming about the light out on the west coast, before I set foot on the damp earth there. Here, in Pennsylvania the daylight has a density to it that I can’t describe. It is a thick daylight, heavy and long limbed.

Seattle’s light was crisp and bright, defining the edges of the landscape with clarity. I was a little dumb founded when I stepped out the plane and was surrounded by the grey, sharp light of the 6 o’clock hour on the west coast. It felt like someone had focused my eyes.

Puget Sound Shore.

Rose Petal Filled with Rain Water, Gravel, Seattle WA.

Lately, I have been really interested in being very close to things when I photograph them, flattening the space and leaving only a few hints of depth in the images. I have spent so much time in my photographic life taking two or three steps back and to the right. I think being as close as possible to my subject creates new possibilities for images and enables me to explore both new and old places with ideas that I have yet to mull over. I force myself to look closer.