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Summer sighed, packed it’s bags and left this week. The signs were all there but I still didn’t want to believe it. The days are still warm but the air is cooler now. Heavier clothes, socks, hot tea.

Big Blue Gorilla. Diner.

The heat is gone from my skin now but the weight of the humidity of this past summer will be remembered. Oppressive and stupid, I will recall it with bitterness in my voice.

Pale Green Things.

Opal Basil. Hops.

The ability to grow things, no matter how little the amount, that are edible and beautiful will never cease to both amaze and satisfy me. Plucking my own heirloom lettuce for a that day’s sandwich, cutting off basil to make the richest purple pesto and gently tugging free a fat, ripe tomato from it’s vine gives me purpose.