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Three Sixty Five: Home for the (Slightly Belated) Holidays.

2011.01.07: Ora’s House.

Okay, so I am a little behind on posting images for my Three Sixty Five. I’ve been busy working on my professional portfolio website, and this set of images that I shot at mom’s house over the weekend. Partially intended for documentation and partially for next year’s Christmas cards, I am really, really happy with the results of my labors. I was thinking both of “What would these look like in a magazine?” and “How do these fit with my Interior Lives project?”


Looking into the Dining Room

Bar Details Two Seats Entrance Barroom

Window Boxes

I had my 27th birthday dinner at the fabulous and brilliant Bolete Restaurant back in early September. The food was outstanding, appropriate for the season and featuring local produce, meats and foraged mushrooms, a new personal favorite of mine. I sipped my plum sidecar over a fabulous meal of fresh halibut and crisp greens. Not only was the food incredible, I was taken by the decor and overall feel of the interior; light and airy without being sterile, touched with green and ochre. I went back to photograph last week during the day and was still enchanted by the old inn’s interior, filled with late afternoon sunlight