Commonwealth (2011)

Commonwealth is a photographic survey of central and southeastern Pennsylvania. I see place defined in its details; the valley I was raised in and the areas that I have lived serve as my subject matter. Seeking to illuminate the links between personal and national history, the tidily composed photographs are a means to find narrative threads in day-to-day life and the way place is simultaneously changing and unchanging. It is made with the New Topographics in mind. Some images are reoccurring from other projects; the overlap is intentional.

Dutch Haus.
Front Door.
Living Room. Atlas.
Laundry Room.
Windshield. Tamaqua.
Santorum, Pro-Life. Tamaqua.
Salvage Yard. Sunbury
Lunch Counter. Schwenksville.

Garage. Pottsgrove.
Moose Lodge. Pheonixville.
Kitchen Window. Pottsgrove.
Eat-a-Bite Parking Lot. Sunbury.

Target Practice.
Dying Cicada. Allentown.
Potluck. Drums.
Estate Sale. Sunbury.
Channeling Steve Perry. Centralia.
No Parking. Allentown.
Firebird. Shamokin.
No Information. Centralia.
Fall Foliage. Sunbury.
At Dusk. Phoenixville.