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Sawblades. Plates and Coop.

Volens, Virgina is a little blip along Route 501, floating among tobacco fields and soft hills. At 50 miles per hour, my eyes could hardly believe themselves when I zoomed past Hazelwood Antiques. I am a sucker for rusting iron, old signs and weather beaten wood and this place clearly offered plenty of it. There were also these fantastic bird houses all over the property, hundreds of them lining the driveway.

I knew that I couldn’t let something like that brush by me without stopping, with exploring. I did an about face in the parking lot of a Citgo station 2 miles up the road, retrieved cash from the ATM and headed back, enthralled with the scent of September air and the promise of new junk.

Iron Fence. Glassware.

What I found was 25 years worth of stuff to rummage through. There are no words that accurately describe the sheer volume and objects of interest that were contained so the images are what you get. I spent about an hour and half there, talking to the owner, wondering around and taking everything in. Turns out the birdhouses are handmade by the owner’s brother from reclaimed building materials. I left with a wooden crate from Argentina that was used to ship beef, 2 small cast iron skillets (rusted but still good; they are currently waiting to be sandblasted), a 1931 Virgina license plate and a Carolina Red Hornet nest.