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Homemade Pizza.

Cheese Tomato and Garlic

I have recently learned the art and skill of making my own pizza. My crusts are thin and crispy, loaded with tons of fresh veggies and cheese; they have been delicious in a way that most pizza that one can purchase is not. Imagine my surprise and delight, upon arriving at my aunt and uncle’s place last Friday evening, when my uncle told me he was making that pizza for dinner. Different execution and style but so, so good. Bubbly cheese, soft crust and fresh toppings; they were to die for.

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Pond Scum Honeysuckle Blooms. Feathers

Pond Scum at the Vernal Pools, Honeysuckle Blossoms, Woodpecker Feathers. Black Rock Sanctuary, Phoenixville.

Last week, I went for a stroll, guided by the landscape architect who created it, through Black Rock Sanctuary. Orginally used as dumping grounds for the coal silt pulled out of the Schuylkill River, an attempt to clean up the water quality in the early 20th century. The space was cleaned up and designed to be a wetland wildlife sanctuary. It is fabulous and quiet, verdant and lush right now. It was a pleasure to hear all of the planning and thought that went into making Black Rock a natural, living environment.