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Three Happenings.

Firstly, one of my recent images of Quilt no. 13 was featured in the Modern Quilt Guild’s September newsletter, which is quite exciting. Christine Perrigo (who I credit for the image) of Contemporary Custom Quilt pointed it out to me on Instagram this morning. Awesome!

Secondly, I redesigned my website. It’s cleaner and little easier to navigate. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

Thirdly, I have a piece in the show upcoming show COLOR FORMS at the Seattle Pacific Art Center on the Seattle Pacific University Campus (3307 3rdAve W, Seattle, WA 98119). It’s on display from October 5th, 2015 – November 27th, 2015. The deeply talented and totally awesome Jessica Vehorn curated the show and it’s going to be fabulous. I wish I could make it to the opening but I am going to be in Pennsylvania, taking part in the ever-so-important autumnal ritual of Pierogie Weekend.

That said, I’m honored to be sharing wall space with such an insanely talented and smart group of makers. Look at this line up, would you?!

Anna Boenish | Ara Jane Olufson | Blair Stocker | Chawne Kimber | Colleen Elizabeth | Hillary Goodwin | Jessica Vehorn | Jeffrey Maris | Julie Alpert | Kate SweeneyMatt Macomber | Martha Peterson | Nicholas Sistler | Paul Komada | Ruby Hoppen | Season Evans | Stephanie Ruyle | Wynde Dyer | Zak Foster

I feel like a lucky, lucky girl.

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Published: Strongbox Spring 2013

STRONGBOX: Spring Issue Now Available

I recently was given the opportunity to publish images of Virgin Mary shrines in Strongbox Magazine, a fabulous, free online photography magazine. It was rewarding to revisit these images, as I hadn’t really looked at them as a collected whole in a long time and I am pleased with the edit I came up with.

Go check it out. Tell all your friends!

(Life moves on here, day by day. I am immersed in other projects outside of photography right now. When the weather clears up and I am working again, there will be more regular updates.)

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Upcoming Show Annoucement!

I Love This Tree Limerick Nuclear Power Plant

My favorite tree from the PA State Gamelands, the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant.

Units 1&2, the series of the cooling towers from the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant, will be featured at the New Vox Gallery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The show will be two parts; a series of postcards featuring every single one of the images will be put out into southeastern Pennsylvania in July and a selection of the images as large prints will be hung in November, as part of the Invision Photography Festival.