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Come See for Yourself.

Tying Faith Between Our Teeth.


With the air warm and thick like its been, I itch to move around, to drive, to explore, to see. The mercury hit 70 one day and the only thing I wanted, needed to do was run to the Atlantic and wiggle my toes in it’s bitter, cold waters. Let my eyes fill with sunshine and let my skin redden. Let me find that teenage feeling, just one more time. Let the salt stick in my hair. Let it be July.

Me, I Just Got Tired of Hanging in Them Dirty Arcades Banging Them Pleasure Machines.

Well the cops finally busted Madame Marie for telling fortunes better than they do.

This boardwalk life for me is through, you know you ought to quit this scene too.

Sometimes, most of the time, particularly in the dead of winter or right before spring’s wild explosion of life and green, I am seeking out what summer feels like. Stifling heat brings a sense of wide open youth, playful desire, endless twilight and wonderment to the world. I want a perpetual summer. I perpetually want sand in my hair and around my toes, I perpetually want sun-licked skin and sticky sweet ice cream and a light heart to make life brighter, easier to bear.

Sea View Avenue. Jesus on the Beach.

Sandy the aurora’s rising behind us, the pier lights our carnival life forever.

So, during a phone conversation I impulsively suggested to A. that we go to Ocean Grove, New Jersey for a long weekend by ourselves. Admittedly, I wanted to be close to Asbury Park, enchanted as I am by the mythology that is Springsteen. I wanted to explore the place more, intrigued as I was by what I saw the last time I was there. I loved Ocean Grove’s obvious preoccupation for it’s past but it’s attention for it’s present and longing for it’s future. Ocean Grove, tucked away from the interstate, sleepy-eyed and quiet seemed like the best place for us to spend our short but much-need time away.

The Boss. Pleasure Island Detail.

My hunt for the elusive light, playful essence of summertime completed it’s self on the Jersey shore, in a second floor room of a historical B&B, along the stretch of Asbury Park’s boardwalk. I fell hard for both A. and Ocean Grove. That sandy strip of beach and the town’s narrow streets lined with quaint Victorian houses and the soft skin of her palm in mine gave me that feeling of summer that I hadn’t felt since I was young. Enormous, weightless, in love.

Asbury Waterpark.

Love me tonight and I promise that I’ll love you forever.  –4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)