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On Nature.

Property Marker. Winter Wheat. Flattened. Brush.

A. & I spend a lot of time walking around the PA State Gamelands 234. We started just taking the dog out to run and slowly got into using them as they are intended to be used. We’ve gone pheasant hunting a handful of times this season. Last week, I couldn’t help but look around and think about that space, that space that had been stoked and maintained as nature. I was looking at the dead trees and the different fields and the way the light falls there and it’s subtle texture. I was thinking about this concept of nature we 21st century humans have assembled, how it’s this thing to be put aside and admired, how the landscape shifts and changes with both season and by the human hand. I more interested in the contrast of the materials and the soft, shifting color palate. Maintained to mimic habitat, stocked with pheasants, put aside to be admired. I think it’s fascinating.