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Blast Furnace B.

I’m really, super excited about the experience of photographing Bethlehem Steel. It was fantastic and interesting and overwhelming. I want to talk about it more in detail but I wanted to post this because I think I’m in love with it. I have two others that I like and plan on sharing in the nearish future but I think this one is going in the steel frame for class.

I’d really really love to continue photographing there and examining the space as it changes and morphs into it’s future. I think documenting that process is probably as important as photographing it as it was. To document as the site steps out of it’s former self is really interesting. I am excited to do something with that idea, to make it into pictures.

Also, since I shot square for so long, my mind is blown at the way a panoramic can convey space, obviously. I feel like this format can (and probably will) be used to inform Coal Hunkie and expand  even further, since I feel it was one of the things missing from the project. There’s probably a thin line with the format between really interesting and hokey. I’d like to think I have a better eye than to make it hokey.