Quilt no. 009: Right of Way

I pieced and basted Right of Way in a second floor bedroom space, in an old house facing railroad tracks. Trains would pass by once or twice a day, making the single-paned windows vibrate and shake, the whistle loud and persistent. The staggered rail fence blocks felt like the clack-clack of train wheels on the tracks as they rolled through town.

Quilt no. 009: Detail

I had originally intended for this quilt to be my entry for QuiltCon 2015. I decided about half way into quilting it that wasn’t going to happen. The backing ended up being much harder to quilt that I originally thought and I was unhappy with the inconsistency of my stitching. I had imagined it to be much more carefully put together then this and I wasn’t really willing to put it up for judgement when it didn’t really meet my own rigid standards. I am my harshest critic, after all.

Quilt no. 009: Back with Binding

I pieced the blocks from Kona broadcloth, the strips were samples that I had ordered for another project and didn’t need anymore. There’s some vintage heathered blue cotton in there, a bit of fabric from my grandmother’s fabric stash. The backing is pieced from vintage brushed denim that I bought from a stash sale at a quilt show in PA. It is lovely and soft to the touch and gives this quilt an excellent weight and drape.

I had to leave that quiet space long before we ever left Missouri. I was upset and distraught that I was forced to give up the work space that was keeping me sane during a sticky Missouri summer, during a shitty 10 months of my life. In retrospect, the cool blue and grey and the simple quilting of this quilt was an answer to the chaos that I was living in, to the oppressive heat.

Quilt no. 009: Front


  1. It turned out beautifully. The colors work perfectly together. Did you end up entering anything else into QuiltCon? I hope so!

    • Shelby Marie

      Thank you, Amanda! I am quite happy with how this quilt turned out. I ended up not submitting anything to hang or be judged at QuiltCon. My quilts take a while to complete and I didn’t really have anything else I wanted to submit. Hopefully, for 2017 I will!

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