Quilt no.008: White on White Four Patch

Quilt no.008

I finished my 8th quilt about a month and half ago and had spent the last few weeks contemplating how exactly I was going to photograph it. The last two quilts I’ve posted I haven’t been super thrilled with how the images of the quilts came out. They were rushed and not very thoughtful. I wanted something different with this quilt because I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I asked my close friend, Juli Jackson*, to help me figure out where I could photograph it while I was visiting her in Arkansas. She came up with a few great places but I was taken, particularly, by the texture of these ancient galvanized steel grain bins. She was generous in indulging and assisting me in the midday heat and humidity of northwestern Arkansas.

Quilt no.008: Details

With the exception of a few key mentors and endless Google searching, I’m largely self-taught when it comes to quilting. Every single quilt I make I learn something new, figure out a better way to do something and stumble through new processes and techniques. Since the other two quilts I’ve finished recently were very simple in their piecing, I wanted to go try doing something very traditional and simple. I thought the four patch block complimented my stash of vintage cottons pulled from feed sacks, pillow cases and nightgowns would create texture while sticking to the minimalist, old-but-new aesthetic I strive for. The hand-dyed border fabric, a gift from my aunt, added contrast without overwhelming the center square.

Quilt no.008: Stitches

The quilting design was inspired by Maura Grace Ambrose’s Idaho Quilt. I carried over the diagonal quilting from the center square into the compliment border to add more movement without making things too disjointed.

Quilt no.008: Back

I pieced the back from broadcloth cottons (the gold a gift, again, from my aunt; the grey KONA cotton in Ash) and this fabulous vintage camera print fabric that was a Christmas gift from my mother. I liked it so much I photographed it as much as the front.

Quilt no.008: Back Details

Overall, I’m really quite content at how this quilt and the images of it came together. I’m further on in my quilting journey at this point but I feel like this one got at something I’ve been striving for. I’m looking forward to working in this palate again, once I get my hand quilting queue freed up a little bit.

*Also: she’s a super talented indie film maker. She finished her first feature film, 45RPM, last year. It’s a lovely little movie and if it’s in your area, you should go see it.