Quilt no. 006: White on Indigo.

“The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair.” – Lousie Bourgeois

#006: Whole
I started quilting because it is an art form heavily reliant on process, patience and time. I don’t keep track of how much time a particular project takes me to complete because the time put into a quilt doesn’t matter. To me, I loose myself in that process, so wide reaching and so utterly consuming. Before starting a quilt, I daydream about grids, fabric, patterns. I disappear into those thoughts, work through my half-formed ideas and come out the other end with a nagging desire to make.

#006: Signature
This quilt came out of this mess, as a wedding gift for a dear friend. I find inspiration for my quilts in different parts of the world. I am heavily inspired by minimalism, taken by it’s emphasis on the beauty of materials. I take the centralized, simple, square piecing from 19th century Amish quilts of Lancaster County, PA. The stitching and it’s motif is a technique called a sashiko, a decorative, reinforcement running stitch from Japan. The colors, indigo and white, are also traditional for sashiko.

#006: Corner Detail
This quilt is the first quilt I’ve made that was actually planned and thought about. It’s been done and with it’s owner for the better part of a year now. I have moved onto another quilt, one with less contrast, smaller stitches and less mistakes. That quilt is for A. and I, a gift to us to sleep under. Even though I’m still doing the tedious work, the hand stitching of a queen sized quilt, I’m day dreaming about fabrics and blocks already, looking forward to repeating the process.