C.W. Rice Middle School

Upstairs Hallway.

Last year, I went back and revisited my chromes from my senior of college and found a bunch of really fantastic images that were not included in the final edit. This year, way back in September, I went back and rescanned all of my negatives and chromes from part of my sophomore year and all of my junior year.

It is curious to me to see all of the subjects I have photographed and how they have become reoccurring both theoretically and literally. It is helpful for me to see the progression of my work from when I first started to see the way I do now; it gives me perspective. As I have stated before, I also really like to see the collection of lots of images over a certain period of time to reflect change and not change.

Art Room. Upstairs Girls' Bathroom. Cafeteria.

These images were made in early August of 2005 in C.W. Rice School, where I attended both elementary and junior high. The spaces I photographed are deeply embedded in my recollection of the time I spent there but also examine the way the spaces are also incredibly generic. C.W. Rice was built around 1920 and it still retains details that would not be put in such an institution today; wood banisters, carved doors. It smells of  80 years of children, dust, floor wax. It reminded me of being young, curious and isolated.