They traded their memories for fairview and acres and never play no pinball or get up pass the breakers.

Casino Facade Silver Ball Museum

On a Sunday two weeks past, we headed into New Jersey, to the shore. I wanted to breathe in the ocean air one last time before the days started to got too short, wanted to gaze out across the ocean to where the curve of the Earth meets the sky, to bang some pleasure machines.

I realized that the things that I love about Asbury Park have disintegrated. It has become dotted with people with more money than I can fathom, crowds push by on the boardwalk, which now has good restaurants and nice shops, instead of silence. I suppose that it is a good thing for the town, since it needs the tax money but Asbury, with it’s promises to me of quiet, sand, desolation has gone away. It is strange. I am not sure where to go now, when I want to run away to the ocean and inhale the promise of summer.

Out Front.

After Asbury there was the expected drive down long strips of highway dotted with businesses in various states of disrepair and the obligatory trip to a Jersey diner. Over fried food and big glasses of soda, I people watched and eavesdropped.