Paulsen Wire Rope.


Paulsen Wire Rope manufactured heavy steel cables for bridges and cranes and other industrial uses for many, many years. I know that, according to local lore, their rope suspends the Brooklyn Bridge and other suspension bridges around the country.

Paulsen was bought out by Williamsport Wirerope Works in 2002 due bankruptcy. As much as I can find, WWW was bought out in 2004 and was reformed into Wirerope Works Inc. Anything after this, I can’t seem to locate. Between then and now, the building was razed. It had been at least seven years since I was on this part of South Third Street so imagine the expletive that came from my mouth when I drove by. I had to double and triple check with family members about the building; “Wasn’t there something there? What happened?”

A cousin used to live across the street and at night, when the rest of the world was sleeping, the windows at Paulsen Wire Rope were aglow and a slow, steady pounding noise would seep into the night air. On summer nights, the air smelled like metal and electricity.

I think this edit is too dark. Sometimes, I am a bit heavy-handed with my curves.